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Metropolitan Nursery School was founded in 1966 by the church as an outreach to the community. When we celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2016, we reflected upon the growth of the nursery school which now serves 82 two, three and four year olds with a staff of 17. We are known as a magical place for young children.

Over the years, Metropolitan Nursery School has remained true to its philosophy that each child is unique and learns in his or her own way. We demonstrate these beliefs through a play-based approach to early childhood education.

Young children learn best by doing, so classroom centers are designed to engage them in activity. To help children utilize all of their learning intelligences, we use: visuals, puzzles, dramatic play to act out scenarios, and sensory activities to engage all the senses. Our curriculum includes activities designed for a variety of learning levels, thus meeting each child at their unique developmental stage of growth.

Our caring teaching staff respects and encourages the abilities of each child. We provide a language-rich, socially nurturing environment in which children are encouraged to take risks, solve problems and gain trust and confidence in their own abilities. Each day the Nursery School strives to realize its mission to value every child by encouraging cooperation, exploration, singing, and all the special but ordinary activities of childhood.

I invite you to walk our halls and experience the joy, the energy and the magic of Metropolitan Nursery School. Open Houses are held once a month during admissions - please join us!


Linda Smith